I compete in triathlon to raise awareness of human rights in China, and to help end the persecution of Falun Gong, as well as all faiths and ways of life oppressed by the Chinese Communist regime. I do this by supporting two documentary film campaigns, in the hope that each person who watches them will draw their own inspiration, and take action.


The Help Free China campaign was developed from the award-winning documentary film ‘Free China: The Courage To Believe’, and aims to help bring greater freedoms to the 1.3 billion people living in China. Today, despite the facade of economic progress, China still remains a dictatorship. All media are censored and controlled by the Communist Party.

Free China tells the story of a mother and former Communist Party member, Jennifer Zeng, who along with more than 70 Million Chinese people, were practicing a belief that combined Buddhism and Daoism until the Chinese Government outlawed it. The Internet police intercepted an email and Jennifer was imprisoned for her faith. As she endured physical and mental torture, she had to decide: does she stand her ground and languish in jail, or does she recant her belief so she can tell her story to the world and be reunited with her family? A world away, Dr. Charles Lee, a Chinese American businessman, wanted to do his part to stop the persecution by attempting to broadcast uncensored information on state controlled television. He was arrested in China and sentenced to three years of re-education in a prison camp where he endured forced labor, making amongst other things, Homer Simpson slippers sold at stores throughout the US.

With more than one hundred thousand protests occurring each year inside China, unrest among Chinese people is building with the breaking of each political scandal. As China’s prisoners of conscience are subjected to forced labor and even organ harvesting, this timely documentary exposes profound issues such as genocide and unfair trade practices with the West. The film also highlights how new Internet technologies are helping bring freedom to more than 1.3 billion people living in China and other repressive regimes throughout the world.

Quite simply, in today’s interconnected world, whether or not China becomes a free nation, will impact our own freedoms.

As highlighted in the film, through the groundbreaking efforts of the Global Internet Freedom Consortium, they now have the technology to breakthrough the Great Internet ‘Firewall’ of China and the goal now is to spread this film entirely for free into China.

The film will not only move the hearts and conscience of the Chinese people and inspire them to stand up for justice and freedom, but it will also empower them with tools to gain access to an uncensored Internet and thus greater freedoms.

This is a historic moment. Join us and together, let’s help Free China!


This documentary is freely available online, and is described as a “brilliant exposé about the current Genocide and human rights crisis in China, centering around the pacifist religious group Falun Gong. 10/10

Using personal accounts, eyewitnesses, photographs, interviews, and stories from the people that actually endured the torture, Transmission 6- 10 brings the viewer into the stark reality that is Modern China. The film is painstakingly researched, and covers everything; from the start of the movement and ensuing persecution to the organ harvesting and genocidal nature of Chinese prisons and “justice”. This films cuts clear through the propaganda and shows the true intentions and actions of the Chinese government. Ample evidence is provided, from photos and personal accounts, to scholars and even official Chinese documents and press statements.”